My Flight in a 1941 Boeing Stearman

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What a wonderful day I had on 18-4-16 visiting Tiger Moth World at Torquay. The weather was excellent and some skydivers were doing their thing ! We had a good look in the museum bef0re making ready for the flight. I had previously flown in a Tiger Moth, but today was in a 1941 Stearman VH-YSM; a larger and more robust plane with a single row radial engine. It was lovely to look at and comfortable to fly in. I was kitted up with adequate flying gear, being full overalls and a leather jacket, necessary for open cockpit flying. It was completed with a leather helmet with goggles and a micrpphone to talk to the pilot. Getting in to the front cockpit was reasonably easy for an old fellow like me, but Grant (pilot) and a pair of steps helped that problem. I am 90 years old and haven’t flown since I was 80. Grant climbed in and we were ready to go !

Over the years I have done quite a bit of flying in light aircraft, but not much in open cockpits. For me, there is a special feeling of connection with the aircraft itself here, the ground supporting you for a time, and then the air or atmosphere taking over. It took just a little while to become accustomed again to the movement of the aircraft in flight, the little changes in air pressure that move the plane about. Then there was the deliberate change of direction change in direction by the pilot to steer to points of interest or to maintain his planned course, or perhaps to do aerobatics !
My flight was 45 minutes along The Great Ocean Road from Torquay to Cinema Point. It was a beautiful day for flying, a calm sea and a wonderful coast line. During our return we did a tight circle over Anglesea, a place that had 60 years of history for me and as we neared he airport we did a loop, and it was so good we did another !

It was a wonderful day for me. I can’t say enough in commendation for Captain Grant, or for Tiger Moth World. Nothing was a problem, and I look forward to my next visit to pursue my new interest in ” aerobatics “.

Trip Advisor – Visited Apr 2016

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