Tiger Moth World Adventure Flights

From lift off to touch down, wing your way along the beaches and cliff tops of the world famous Great Ocean Road. An unforgettable flight experience.

Tiger Moth World Flights – something to suit everyone

Step back in time and climb aboard one of our magical World War II vintage open cockpit Tigers for the flight experience of a lifetime.

Whichever adventure flight you choose, from liftoff to touchdown, you will wing your way along the beaches and cliff tops of the world famous Great Ocean Road region – taking in spectacular views – and only just over an hour from Melbourne.

From as little as $325 you can be Biggles for a day in an open cockpit WWII vintage biplane!  We have a range of Great Ocean Road adventure flights to choose from.  Or turn your life upside down with some open cockpit aerobatics.  If you are seeking a ride on the wild side, add an optional extra – barnstormer @ $75, mild aerobatics @ $100,  wild aerobatics @ $125 or Extreme aerobatics for the ultimate adrenalin rush @ $175.

Capture your whole flight experience on “Tiger Cam” – from take-off to landing with you and your Tiger as the star attraction.

Tiger Moth World understand that sometimes is so much more fun to do things together.  So we have put together a special deal for two.  Or perhaps you may wish to take a modern aircraft on a longer scenic flight to the 12 Apostles.

We’re here to make you happy.   The team at Tiger Moth World are waiting to “make your day”!

We don’t operate on any set flight schedule – we will book your adventure flight at a time and day to suit you.

Choose an adventure flight to suit. There is absolutely nothing that compares with the experience of an open cockpit WWII biplane with the wind in the wires!

The Experience

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