Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of our most frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered here or you have any further enquiries please phone us on 0447 615100 or send an email to

Are there any restrictions, ie. age / size / weight?

Age Limits?
There are no set age limits for our flights.   Children can fly by themselves if (in the opinion of the pilot, parents/guardians) they are mature and responsible enough to do so.   Consent of a parent or legal guardian is required for all passengers under 18 years of age.  We don’t recommend children under the age of 8 to fly by themselves.   We have flown many “young at heart” people well into their 90’s.

Weight / Size limits?
Whilst we are able to accommodate most body sizes and heights, we do require knowledge of extreme variations prior to booking as weight and size restrictions may apply. Our passenger weight limit is 120kg.


If I have a disability, can I still fly?

As each flight is tailored to suit the individual we are able to offer flights to people affected by various types of disabilities and medical conditions.   Usually, if you are fit enough to fly with a commercial airline, then you can fly with us.  For our open cockpit flights, you will also need to be mobile and agile enough to climb up into cockpits and lift your legs and bend your knees etc.   However, we will do our utmost to assist individuals who may be so affected.  If this applies to your booking please speak to our staff prior to booking your flight.

Am I able to wear my glasses and contact lenses?

Yes, there are no problems wearing either during your flight. We like you to see all the action as well as feel it!

How long is my Gift Voucher valid for?

A gift voucher is valid for 3 years from the date of purchase (*conditions apply).

*The specific flight chosen on the voucher is valid for 12 months (as per the “Valid to” date).  If you are unable to take the flight by the “Valid to” date, the voucher will then revert to its dollar value and it can be redeemed towards one of our flights for a further 2 years.

Can I redeem my gift certificate for cash or obtain a refund?

No, gift certificates are non refundable and are non redeemable for cash.

How do I redeem my gift voucher?

Please contact Tiger Moth World on 0447 615100 to make a booking or email

What happens if I lose my Gift Voucher?

You must present your valid Gift Voucher prior to flight.  If, in the unlikely event, you have lost your voucher then photo ID will be required and only the Gift Voucher recipient on our records may fly.  If you require an additional Gift Voucher to be issued, an additional $50 administration fee will apply.

How far in advance do I need to book my flight?

We recommend you book as soon as possible, especially if you require a specific date. Although we are able to book flights for most days of the week, the majority of flights are booked for the weekend so availability may be limited.   Once booked, you still have the ability to reschedule for a future date, if required, but we must be notified in advance.

Can I reschedule my flight once booked?

Yes but you must give us at least 24 hours notice. Please call us on 0447 615100 to reschedule your flight.

What if bad weather (or some other unforeseen event) prevents my flight from going ahead? 

If the weather is unsuitable for flying we will contact you either the day prior or as early as possible on the day of your flight to reschedule.   Alternatively, if you wish to reschedule then you can call us on 0447 615100. In the unforeseen event that a flight is only partially completed due to an unexpected weather event, the unused portion of the flight will be refunded.

Should I eat or drink beforehand?

If you are planning one of our aerobatic flights, then a normal breakfast or lunch prior to your flight is recommended. We do advise keeping the alcohol to a minimum the night before!

Am I able to bring my friends and family along?

Yes, we actually encourage them to attend. All the action literally happens only metres away from our viewing area.   Make sure they bring their cameras to photograph your experience.

What time do I need to arrive at the airport?

Please arrive approximately 15-30 minutes prior to your booking time.

How do I organise video footage of my flight?

Video footage (Tiger Cam) is available for all of our open cockpit, biplane flights.  Tiger Cams can be booked and paid for in advance, or you can pay on the day of your flight.

Tiger Cam is is available to purchase for $95 and includes video footage of your entire flight from before takeoff until after landing. Footage will be provided to you on an SD card which you can take home after your flight. Format (MPEG4) is an industry standard format which can be fully edited by you.

Is it safe?
  • It is safer in the sky than it is driving on the road!
  • Vintage biplane flights
    Some of our adventure flights are conducted in WWII vintage aircraft.  For those flights, please refer to the following notice. The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) states that because this is a Warbird and operated in the LIMITED category, passengers must understand that:

    • The design, manufacture and airworthiness of the aircraft are not required to meet any safety standard recognised by CASA
    • CASA does not require this aircraft to be operated to the same degree of safety as an aircraft on a commercial passenger flight.  The passenger flies in the aircraft at his or her own risk
    • In undertaking this Adventure Flight I accept the potential risks

    This is the legal position, however, safety is our primary concern – followed by fun.  Our aircraft are all maintained to the same high standards as commercial passenger carrying aircraft.

12 Apostles flights and modern aircraft joy flights?

We operate our modern passenger aircraft for joy flights and 12 Apostles flights from Torquay.

To enquire or book our flights departing Torquay, please contact us direct on 0447 615100

Our modern aircraft are the best for passenger comfort and viewing.
Weight restrictions may apply for larger groups of up to 7 passengers.  Please enquire.

What do I wear?
  • Simply come dressed comfortable for the weather of the day for all of our flights.
  • If you are flying in our open cockpit biplanes, we will provide you with a full flying suit, leather jacket, leather helmet/goggles – just like Biggles.

Step back in time and let us take you on an adventure flight experience you will never forget!

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