An Experience of a Lifetime!!!!

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As soon as I arrived at Tiger Moth World and met the guys at TMW I KNEW it was going to go well! Very courteous and knowledgeable with that Aussie demeanor that puts you totally a ease. They run a very professional operation and I would expect that being in the aviation industry. The whole trip was broken down and explained to me as was the operation of the aircraft. All that aside it was and amazing flight with spectacular views of the coast, which they game me a choice of going one way where the cliffs were or the other way with the sandy beaches. I chose the cliffs and they were spectacular. With the wind blowing I could still hear the pilot talking due to their head sets we had, so he was able to tell me about all the sights up the coast…AND THEN…the acrobatics!! We started up with loops and then rolls, he checked if was good with that, I gave the thumbs up and we bumped it up a notch with some crazy stalls and more loops! we pulled 4G so it was comfortable. I have been on coasters all over the world and this reminded me of the biggest coaster I have ever been on but really really smooth! I highly recommend anyone try this tour, if you don’t want the aerobatics then you can take a nice tour up the coast and see it like never before. This was one of the highlights of my trip and I cant wait until I get the video that they took (there is a GoPro pointed right at you!) Seriously…DO IT DO IT DO IT!!!!

Leroy, Trip Advisor – Visited June 2016

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