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Please note:  We are currently closed for our Winter break and will reopen in Spring.

A Tiger Moth World adventure flight is an unforgettable flight experience. We’ve been flying the Great Ocean Road for over 30 years and have flown over 45,000 extremely happy passengers. So, we’re pretty darn good at providing the best adventure flight experience in Australia.


Step back in time and climb aboard a vintage WWII open cockpit biplane. Be Biggles for a day and enjoy the magnificent views of the Great Ocean Road. Adventure flights from $325 More Info…

Tiger Moth World coastal flight in a WW2 open cockpit biplane

Turn your life upside down with some open cockpit aerobatics.  Choose from low level Barnstorming, Mild, Wild or the ultimate adrenalin rush of Extreme aerobatics.  There’s nothing quite like hanging upside by your straps in an open cockpit WW2 biplane.  Aerobatic flights from $400
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We understand you want to share this once in a life time experience with someone special.  So, as an added bonus, when booking two flights we will throw in a FREE video.
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Tiger Moth World, Torquay, adventure flights for two along the Great Ocean Road

Experience one of the wonders of our world by air and enjoy a 12 Apostles flight in modern style.  Depart from our private airport in Torquay and see the magic of the whole of the Great Ocean Road.  It is a memory you’ll have for life. From $1550 per flight*
12 Apostles Flights Info


Skydive over spectacular Bells Beach. Jump from the best skydiving location in Australia and enjoy breathtaking views to the Great Ocean Road. The Sensation of free fall is unforgettable.
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Skydive over the Great Ocean Road with Australian Skydive at Torquay Airport

Watch this video on the Tiger Moth World experience.

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